Contract Manufacturing

Fyna Foods Australia Pty Ltd has been contract manufacturing chocolate and confectionery products for over 15 years. 

With excellent skills in product development, innovation and a broad range of manufacturing and packing capabilities, Fyna Foods is able to best customise products to meet your needs.

Well established in the following processes we are able to offer cost effective solutions for your private label requirements:



  • Chocolate Panning
  • Solid Chocolate Moulding
  • Shell Chocolate Moulding
  • Chocolate Enrobing
  • Chocolate Spinning
  • Sugar Paste Extrusion



  • Twist Wrapping
  • Foiling
  • Envelope Wrapping
  • Flow Wrapping



  • Bagging
  • Jars
  • Display Boxes
  • Bulk


Currently, Fyna Foods manufactures both soft and hard centred products including nougat, fudge, truffle, caramel and licorice. This extensive range will enable you to manufacture traditional confectionery, but allows flexibility to produce a wide range of new and exciting products.  The examples below are a small taste of what is possible!

  • Chocolate coated fruits, nuts or other types of centres
  • Individually wrapped, chocolate coated mint patties
  • Sugar paste sticks in a variety of flavours and colours
  • Licorice bullets, pieces and logs in a range of flavours and colours
  • Chocolate enrobed bars and pieces
  • Solid chocolate and centre-filled pieces, individually twist-wrapped or foiled
  • Seasonal and novelty lines including solid or filled chocolate hearts and mini eggs as well as hollow novelty items for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and Christmas


Offering internationally recognised quality certification, Fyna Foods maintain both BRC and HACCP accreditation across both manufacturing sites.

For further details please contact our National Sales Manager - Chris Dunell at

We look forward to developing your next product with you.

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