Our Story

We have been crafting confectionery for over 60 years

Arthur Campbell, a true entrepreneur, had a dream to manufacture and sell sherbet based products to kids and adults alike. Since its modest beginnings, with a dozen people producing and hand packing products, Fyna Foods has grown into a leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of confectionery products.

Fyna Foods commenced operations in Yarra Street Abbotsford, Victoria, in 1947 manufacturing sherbet confectionery under the Wizz Fizz brand name. During this time a licensing relationship with Disney developed. Disney characters including Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Hop-a-Long Cassidy were displayed on each of the Wizz Fizz sachets. Extensions to the Wizz Fizz range included Lollipops and Sherbet Cones.

A small chocolate panning company, Lou Lou Confectionery, was acquired in 1973 and hence began the manufacture of panned chocolate fruit, nuts and licorice bullets under the Fyna brand name. Eight years later the two manufacturing sites were joined together into one new facility based in North Fitzroy, Victoria.

Further expansion plans during this time led to the purchase of Riviera Confectionery, a specialist in extruded sugar paste products such as musk sticks and fruit sticks. These manufacturing lines were relocated to North Fitzroy to further complement Fyna’s growing manufacturing base.

In an effort to maintain a consistent supply of licorice needed to meet growing customer demand, Fyna Foods purchased the Superior Licorice company. In the early 1990’s the company moved from Bayswater to the North Fitzroy site. In addition to licorice for panning, licorice straps and chunks were introduced.

To complement its existing confectionery lines, the Craig and Hales company was purchased in 1996 offering moulded sugar products such as bananas, and enrobed chocolate products such as dark ginger, caramels, peppermint creams and aniseed rings.

2000's- Present

Due to exceptional growth and continued efforts in meeting growing demands, a new manufacturing facility at Hallam in Victoria, Australia, was built. In 2001 Fyna Foods moved into its new home where it has been able to accommodate all areas of manufacture under the one roof, storage of raw materials and finished product, research and development, and state of the art manufacturing equipment.

In 2003 Fyna Foods acquired Ballantyne Chocolates, a premium chocolate panning, mints and extruded sticks business. Soon after, in  2006, Fyna Foods acquired Pink Lady Chocolates at Huntingdale, Victoria to further add to the chocolate range.

The Australian management team is committed to providing confectionery products to our customers that represent quality and value.


And that is still our legacy today

Our Story