We’ve been crafting mouth watering confectionery for over 70 years!
Take a closer look at our iconic brands...


Wizz Fizz

It’s all about fun excitement and adventure! A fizzy range of Sherbet, Pops, Cones, Monster Fingers, Fizza Ballz and Party Packs.


Established since 1929, the Ballantyne name has been synonymous with the fine art of chocolate making.


The original fun sticks!

Australian Bush Friends

Australian Bush Friends represent good old’ Aussie fun while supporting our native wildlife!

Superior Liquorice

Soft eating liquorice bites deliver a kick of flavour followed by a light springy texture that will appeal to your softer side.

Fyna Superior Liquorice Co.

Take a roll down memory lane to 'Life in the Good Old Days'. Fyna Superior Liquorice Co. brings element of fun, excitement, novelty, nostalgia and familiarity. The range includes bites, wheels, bullets and logs.

Pink Lady

Since 1938, we have continued the tradition of blending exceptional ingredients to perfect our premium superfine chocolate, the ultimate chocolate experience.

Big Boss

Australia’s favourite caramel, fruit and musk stix!