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Fyna Foods Australia Pty Ltd is pleased to be a sponsor of Save the Bilby Fund.

On Wednesday 6th March 2013 at Dreamworld, QLD, Tom Campbell (Executive Director) from Fyna Foods met with Frank Manthey (Co-Founder of Save the Bilby Fund), Al Mucci (Manager of Life Sciences, Dreamworld), and Larissa Waters (Senator) to present a $10,000 cheque to the Save the Bilby Fund. Tom was also grateful to have met all of those on the board of Save the Bilby Fund who contribute to this fund's success on a daily basis.

The valuable $10,000 donation will be put towards the purchase of 30 of the latest solar powered cameras to monitor the release of captive bred bilbies at Currawinya National Park, QLD. This information is critical for bilby scientist Peter McRae.

Fyna Foods look forward to a long-term relationship with the fund to help save these little precious bilbies from extinction.

Save the Bilby Fund’s Mission:

Save the Bilby Fund will actively support programs of education, research and direct action to secure the long term conservation of bilbies and of other endangered/ threatened Australian animal species.

 Save the Bilby Fund’s Vision:

To assist in the prevention of Australian Wildlife extinction:

 Save the Bilby Fund supports the three main aims of the National Recovery Plan for Bilbies:

  • To support research into the biology and ecology of the species to identify the reasons for population and distribution decline.
  • To direct management efforts towards addressing threatening processes.
  • To re-establish populations, based on the biological knowledge gained through the research.


For more information regarding Save the Bilby Fund, or to offer a donation, please visit:

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